We make vegan easy! Vegan Supply is a vegan owned and operated boutique distributor. With our humble beginnings in 2015 as Canada’s largest fully vegan online one-stop-shop that ships worldwide, we have expanded to two brick and mortar locations and a distribution network of over 1,200 wholesale clients.

Who Are We?

Dedicated, loyal vegans with beginnings in Vancouver, B.C.

Vegan Owned
& Operated




We’re here to help grow veganism


reduction in carbon footprint by not eating meat or dairy


greenhouse gas emissions come from animal products.


By 2026, the vegan market will be worth $24.3 billion.

Together we can create a better future, through socially responsible, diverse & profitable businesses.

How We Make Vegan Easy

We’re here to help you grow your business! As a distributor of vegan products, our dedicated wholesale team is here to serve your business’ needs wherever you are!

Veganize your product catalogue and grow your business today

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Connect with forward-thinking customers and position your brand for the future.

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What We Believe

Billions of animals need our help and our voices. Our food system and retail goods industry is broken and Vegan Supply’s intention is to be part of a better future. We wish to highlight plant-based and conscientious solutions that make living and transitioning to a vegan lifestyle not only easier, but enjoyable and preferable. We want to be part of the driving force that makes plant-based living for the masses a reality in our future.

What We Offer

We offer food servIce (bulk) products for restaurants, cafes, bars, zero waste / bulk retailers and any other business that requires bulk products. We offer retail cases for retailers looking to resell vegan products in their grocery store, boutique, e-commerce store etc. Our dedicated account managers are always ready with free consultations by assisting you in veganizing your menu, providing brand and product knowledge, and suggestions on products tailored to your needs.

Why Shop With Us

Vegan Owned and Operated

Being vegan owned and operated, we pride ourselves in our vetting process to ensure that all the products we carry are fully vegan, even down to the sugars. Rest assured that everything you see in our product offerings is 100% vegan as we have looked into both the ingredients and the manufacturing process. We did the research so you don’t have to!

Curated Catalogue

We have a carefully crafted catalogue with food service and retail ready products. We are huge supporters of organic, fair trade, and other vegan companies. One of our priorities is finding quality brands and products that you may not have heard of before, and making it easy for you to order them. With over 300 products across a full range of replacements and substitutes all the way to unique and delicious vegan options in their own right, we’re always bringing in new and exciting products for you!

Industry Experience + Market Intelligence

We have years of industry experience and market intelligence that make us the distributor to go to for vegan products. Being in the industry for as long as we have, we have guided our 800+ wholesale accounts with recommendations that have propelled their businesses. Whatever your business’ needs are, we are here to make vegan easy.

Dedicated + Passionate Team

Our team cares for each and every one of our wholesale clients. Your dedicated account manager that will take care of you and your business’ needs. We offer free menu consultations and product recommendations that are tailored to your business and budget, and we’re always happy to source products for our clients so get in touch if you have a product request! We are passionate about creating a compassionate world through the products we distribute, and we want to make vegan easy for you and for your customers.

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