Why Choose Us?

Market Leader

We are the go-to distributor for vegan products due to our years of industry experience and vast product knowledge. We are often considered a "tastemaker" in the vegan space and many companies look to us for the latest and greatest vegan products.

We were the first to bring Beyond Meat, Field Roast and Miyoko's into Canada when they weren't known and now they've become a household name. We have developed strong relationships with small, local businesses, with worldwide brands and everything in between. Not only are we here to create solutions for your business, we are also here to create brand awareness for up and coming vegan manufacturers. We are here to help you grow your business and set you up for success!

Distribution Network

Our wide reach allows us to distribute to over 800 retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and more! We currently distribute for many large and small brands, including:

Marketing Collateral

Your brand will be integrated into our marketing campaigns to increase your brand awareness and to drive sales. Our newsletters will offer valuable information about your brand to customers who already know and trust us. Our dedicated sales team will be educated on your products and will act as your brand ambassadors when doing sales calls.

Our different sales channels don’t end just at the distribution level. We have an online business that ships worldwide and two brick and mortar locations that will allow your brand to shine in multiple areas. Our social media following of over 50k across all Instagram accounts means that we have many eyes on your brand and its products.

We offer marketing collaboration opportunities to give your brand even more exposure depending on your business’ needs and promotional budget. We offer a wide range of marketing opportunities such as logo placement on our truck, logo placement at the store level, retail newsletter placement, brand feature highlight section on our website, social media ads, Google Ads, and much more! Don’t have an internal photographer and videographer? We offer content creation services as well! Inquire at growwithus@vegansupply.ca.

Let’s Get Started!

Connect with our team by sending over your product sell sheets, distributor price list and any other pertinent information over to wholesale@vegansupply.ca.

From there, we’ll ask you to send samples to our head office. We’ll review this as a management team and will go from there. We’re here to help businesses of all sizes get their vegan products into the market and we look forward to seeing what goodies you have in store for us. Let’s grow veganism together!

Got a quick question about distribution? Send us an e-mail or get the conversation started with the contact form to the right!

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